Super Cool by Cloudy O Funky

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Super Cool by Cloud O Funky

The Super Cool Series by Cloudy o Funky – including classics such as Grape Blast and Arctic Mango, for lovers of that Cooling Menthol hit!



Artic Mango

Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy ripe mango. Wonderfully refreshing for an all day vape


Grape Blast

Sweet pulp of seedless red grape, with a bright and refreshing taste in every puff


Strawberry Frost

Its the juiciest red strawberry you’ll ever vape. Super Cool!


Green Apple

Uplift your taste buds with this innocent, sour green apple


Lai Moon

Tender and sweet flesh of a juicy lemon, turned to lemonade. A nice and refreshing all day vape

Blu Razzberry

Combination of blueberry and raspberry that starts of sweet but leaves a tangy after taste.

Orange Lemonade

A tangy twist on a classic Tart, slightly sharp lemonade flavour is infused with sweet orange teasing your tastebuds.

Pinky Blush

A delicious strawberry and Lychee fruit infusion to get your taste buds tingling.

Mangue Milk

An Exceedingly crisp, refreshing, and down right delectable blend that seems to get more delightful with every hit. Begins with a selection of sweet juicy tropical mangoes with a refreshing ice cool sensation.

Apple Aloe Vera

A sweet crisp red apple combined with the freshness of aloe vera. A delicious balance.



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