Cushty - 100ml

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Mango & Banana, a tropical silky combination that couples a sweet Ripe Yellow Cushman Mango with a mildly sweet Banana, that has ripened perfectly on the bunch.
Mango & Grape plump, juicy Purple Grapes, picked at peak harvest time and sweet ripe Cushman Mango, create a fresh and full flavoured fruity duo - Lovely Jubbly
Mango & Lychee - Lychee’s fragrant tropical fruitiness matches up perfectly with the sweetness of the ripe yellow cushman mango. Lychee although sweet, has a bite of acidity, that is quickly softened with a generous coating of ripe mango.
Mango & Pineapple a majestic team up of the tropical heavyweights of fresh explosive pineapple and the sweetest ripe cushman mango. A combination perfect for summer time vaping.
Mango & Strawberry brings the first ripe Strawberries of spring, bursting with flavour and balanced with the satisfying Ripeness of that Cushman Mango - Yummy

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