Aj Vape Range - 50ml

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Slightly mentholated, the AJ Vape Double Apple is an amazingly delicious fruity flavour. If you like cold juices and shisha, this could be your next all-day vape.

Double Apple Shisha


AJ Vape Mango Blackcurrant is a mix of sweet Mango and Blackcurrant that will definitely have you coming back for more. It's 50/50 PG/VG content provides excellent flavor Comes with the classic aj vape cold hit



AJ Vape Triple 222 is a must-try with it's unique mixed berries fruit flavour, coupled with menthol to give you an extremely refreshing draw. AJ Vape Triple 222 is perfect for a hot and sunny weather.Comes with the classic aj vape cold hit



AJ Vape Grape is exactly what you think it is. A great grape flavored E-Liquid using only the best ingredients around. Definitely one to grab if you love grape flavors. Comes with the classic aj vape cold hit



Imagine sitting at the beach with a cold fruit mocktail in your hand. Imagine you were vaping the mocktail, instead of drinking it and you would have AJ Vape Peach Lemon. The peachy sweetness combined with the zesty-ness of the lemon makes AJ Vape Peach Lemon a truly refreshing flavour.Comes with the classic aj vape cold hit



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