Kennedy Vindicator 21700 Mechanical Tube Mod w/ CC Switch

  • $205.00



This is not a brand new device, quite frankly the Vindi is still the king. The only difference is the brand new Constant Contact switch that has been subbed in for the regular switch!

Enjoy the absolutely minimal possible voltage drop and silver contact plating for the hardest hit you'll get out of a Vindicator! Read on below for more info about this excellent tube.

If you've never experienced the sheer joy of a well machined hybrid tube, the Kennedy Vindicator is going to knock your socks off. It's a masterpiece of simplicity and elegance, perfectly balanced in both weight and performance.

You won't find ugly engravings or gauche markings all over this, just a well machined inner and outer body with smooth as butter yet thick as clotted cream threading – hell, they even made the venting look gorgeous.

There's plenty of room from bottom to top; it'll happily take a 25mm atty with no issues whatsoever, and flares out to around 26mm to give a lovely all round look.

The tube spring is topped with ULTEM and is fully self-adjusting. Better yet, it requires no tools whatsoever to adjust the throw due to its ingenious design, everything can be modified by hand alone. It's also extremely easy to take apart, giving you easy access to clean or inspect your switch any time you like.

Every Vindicator is hand machined in the USA from high grade, high purity materials, so you're always guaranteed to get a rock solid bit of kit that'll satisfy with every hit. 


  • Compatible with 21700 and 20700 batteries (not included, and not compatible with 18650 cells)
  • Ingenious dragon button design
  • Constant Contact switch for minimal voltage drop
  • No tools required or adjustments needed
  • Large vents for safety (and looks)
  • Lifetime warranty!

What's in the bag: Just the mod itself with CC switch installed. Kennedy doesn't provide any special packaging because the Vindicator doesn't need it, it's special enough.

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