Lcious - 100ML

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What started as a hobby project for a determined Australian, has finally grown into one of the most anticipated small batch, e-liquid brand launches this year. Lcious merges the artisan-like approach to any creative endeavour with the growing science and practice of mixology, creating some of the richest, yet balanced, and most authentic dessert e-liquids that we've come across to date! 

Raspberry White Choc Cheesecake

Like your Nanna's homemade cheesecake - creamy, smooth, and envelops the tongue - but balanced perfectly with refreshing, ripened raspberries and flecks of white chocolate.

Banana Butterscotch Custard

With rich, ripened dessert bananas paired with oozy homemade butterscotch, all layered upon a thick and creamy custard base, and subtle crumbled biscuit on top, this e-liquid has fast become one of our true dessert favourites. 

Chocolate Éclair

A classic dessert, but done right. Lcious once again has tickled our taste buds in ways we didn't think possible: rich, creamy eclair with a sweet and thick chocolate coating. Complex with depth, but not overwhelming. 





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