Steam Buddie - 60ml & 100ml

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Apple Duo

Savour the taste of double apple in Steam Buddie’s Apple Duo. A gorgeous mixture of red and green apple and a hint of cooling, this is an e-juice that’s perfect for apple fans!

Sour Cola

This flavour is exactly what you think it is. This e-liquid is straight up coke bottle lolly flavor with a hint of sourness, to give it a taste similar to sour cola candies that we all love – with a nice lemony finish. Definitely one e-juice to try for all cola fans out there.

Rainbow Drop

Rainbow Drop is a super tasty fruit punch flavoured e-Juice! Taste the entire colour spectrum of fruits with Rainbow Drop; featuring a blend of red apple, orange, mango, pineapple, green apple, berries & grapes! For all the mixed fruits enthusiasts out there: Rainbow Drop is made for you.


Lychee Blue

Lychee Blue is an e-liquid that features a mixture of sweet lychee and juicy blueberries. This one is certainly an all-day-vape with it’s easy going sweet & fruity combination. If you’re a fan of fruity flavours, you will love this delightful e-liquid.


Black Dew

A sweet blend of Honeydew and Blackcurrant. Steam Buddie’s Black Dew is an all day fruity E-Liquid perfect for those in love with mixed fruit flavours.





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