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Tenshi Vapes - 60ML

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Ignite by Tenshi Vapes

Ignite is a blend of sweet and tart notes of cherry on the inhale, followed by a sugary and light, zesty passionfruit tang on the exhale; truly a bold and flavourful taste.

Rush by Tenshi Vapes

Rush is a best-selling Grape & Lime Soda is a fruit blend with a sour soda twist. The taste of tangy limes is present throughout with hints of tart grapes for a simplistic, refined vape

Excite by Tenshi Vapes

Excite features a blend that sits perfectly between sweet and sour, without the menthol hit. Ripe tasting blueberries characterise the inhale, whilst a somewhat tart blackberry flavour supports a tangy afterbite.

Charge by Tenshi Vapes

Charge is a tantalising mix of Creamy Coconuts, Emperor Mangoes, and Zesty Pineapples. This trio of flavour collisions creates an electric charge on your tastebuds, creating a truly mesmerising juice that'll leave you coming back for more!

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