Youde Wire Box and Dispenser

  • $22.95

The Youde Wire Box comes with 6 spools of vape wire packaged in a very cool dispenser box. If you’ve ever built atomizer coils you know how hard it can be to keep all your wire wrapped around the spool. If you’re not careful, the wire will explode off the spool and its a pain in the ass to get it back on. I’m hoping the UD Wire Box is a simple solution that solves this problem.

With the UD Wire Box you will get 6 different spools, each with a different type of wire, including nichrome wire, Ni200 wire, stainless steel wire, twisted kanthal wire, regular kanthal A1 wire, and clapton coil wire. All 6 spools comes packaged in a cool little dispenser box which makes it easier to build coils and to store your wire. If you rebuild coils you’re gonna want to get your hands on the UD Wire Box, at this low price you can’t go wrong. To see exactly what you get in this package see below.

Whats Included:

30 foot spool of 26g kanthal A1 wire

30 foot spool of 26g nichrome wire 30 foot spool of 26g Ni200 wire

30 foot spool of 26g 316 stainless steel wire

15 feet of 3x 28g twisted kanthal wire

15 feet of 26g + 28g kanthal clapton wire 1 UD Wire dispenser box